Special Events

Bugs 101- The GOOD, The BAD, & the Ugly

Nici Angell's program for the Gold Diggers Garden Club on Tuesday, July 10, 7:00pm at Lumpkin County Senior Center (266 Mechanicsville Road). The program ("Bugs 101- The GOOD, The BAD, & the Ugly") will be all about the insects and insect-like creatures that live in our gardens.

"Ask a Master Gardener" Plant Clinics

Georgia Mountains Master Gardeners are available to help with your concerns about their flowers and/or vegetable gardens. The Master Gardeners will have a booth for 'Ask a Master Gardener' on the first Saturday of each month at the Dahlonega Farmers Market in Hancock Park, from 8:00 am until 12 noon.

Gardening Workshops

Georgia Mountains Master Gardeners organize workshop sessions throughout the year, to give practical guidance and help on specific topics, and will be filled with information!. All are open to the public and are free.

Workshop sessions for 2018 arranged so far:

Monday, February 12, 6-8pm Pruning Part I: "Crape Murder & Other Pruning Mistakes" led by Lumpkin County Extension Agent Clark MacAllister at Lumpkin County Parks & Recreation

Saturday, February 17, 10:00am - 12:00 noon Pruning Part II (hands-on) led by Lumpkin County Extension Agent Clark MacAllister

Monday, March 5, 6-8pm Soils "Clay Soil: Myths, Mysteries & Facts" led by Lumpkin County Extension Agent Clark MacAllister at Lumpkin County Parks & Recreation. Now is the time to prepare for spring and the information provided at this workshop will give us the knowledge we need to cope with our Georgia soil!

Bi-Monthly General Meetings and Programs

As part of their mission the GMMG (representing Lumpkin and Dawson counties) strives to present interesting and informational programs to the community on a regular basis. Special programs and presentations are scheduled for the general meetings held on the second Monday of every other month
All Georgia Mountains Master Gardener programs are held at Lumpkin County Parks & Recreation, 365 Riley Road, Dahlonega, GA 30533 and are open to the public. There is no cost to attend, light refreshments will be served. For further information, please call 912-571-2162.

Ga M M G GAMMG Upcoming GMMG Programs 2018

Heritage Winter Gardening Practices "Wintergreens: An Appalachian strategy for surviving til spring"

presented by Rosann Kent on Monday, September 10, 7-8pm

Roseann Kent If you have been in the Lumpkin County area for any length of time you have surely heard of Rosann Kent! And, if you haven't…..then you're in for a real treat when you join the Georgia Mountains Master Gardeners for their next program!

Since 2012, Rosann Kent has been the director of the Appalachian Studies Center, the state's official center for the study of the mountain region as designated by the Georgia legislature. The center and its heirloom seed demonstration garden are headquartered in the Historic Vickery House on the campus of the University of North Georgia.

This description of Rosann Kent doesn't suffice to describe the interesting person that you will meet at her upcoming presentation! She is a master storyteller and will entertain us all! In describing her presentation, Rosann says she will talk about wintergreens and Appalachian strategies for surviving till spring! She says, "It's green and it grows in winter. One of our favorite seeds in our seed bank is Mr. Lovell's 'wintergreens.' Although in the mustard family, wintergreens don't taste as strong as typical mustard." At her lively presentation you will learn more about wintergreens, how to plant, cultivate, harvest and save the seeds.

Please join the Georgia Mountains Master Gardeners to hear Rosann Kent's enlightening, entertaining and interesting presentation on Monday, September 10th, from 7:00-8:00 pm at the Lumpkin County Parks and Recreation building, 365 Riley Road in Dahlonega. The program, as usual, is open and free to the public. Light refreshments will be served. If you have questions, please call the local Extension Office at 706-864-2275.

Monday, November 12, 7-8pm
Peri Gordon, Composting

All Georgia Mountains Master Gardener programs are held at Lumpkin County Parks & Recreation, 365 Riley Road, Dahlonega, GA 30533 and are open to the public. There is no cost to attend and light refreshments will be served.

Previous Presentations

presented by Lisa Sweet on Monday, July 9 2018

GAMMG The program, "Permaculture", will be presented by Elizabeth (Lisa) Sweet. Permaculture is an ethical design system for ecological and sustainable living. Based on three ethics and twelve principles, permaculture is flexible and evolving. It incorporates both new strategies and solutions and traditional ones from all over the world. It is a way of seeing, thinking, and doing that results in abundant places.

Lisa has been interested in permaculture ever since she discovered it in 2006 through Toby Hemingway's book, Gaia's Garden. In 2014, with a newly purchased 10-acre slice of an old cattle farm to plan for, she and her husband Charley had the perfect reason/excuse to spring for Geoff Lawton's online permaculture design course. Together they created an evolving permaculture plan for their property. Lisa's keenest interest is in sustainable food production systems that include some small livestock such as dual-purpose Kinder goats, Ancona ducks, and chickens.

Lisa teaches English at Woody Gap School. In the spring of 2019 she will be introducing her students to permaculture in a sustainable agriculture course.

In addition, the GMMG members will be convening early at 6:30 pm to receive a presentation by Brooke Nations, Regional Director of the GMGA (Georgia Master Gardener's Association) of a grant award of $500 to be used over the next 12 months for their Junior Master Gardener's program, "Diggin-It" which is an on-going program for interested 3rd,4th and 5th graders at the Lumpkin County Elementary School. They plan to develop the JMG program throughout the elementary schools in Lumpkin County.

Also, prior to the program, the GMMG 2018 scholarship winners will be introduced. In late May, each of the recipients, Erin Nicole Jones from Dawson County High School, and Josiah Robert McDonald from Lumpkin County High School received a $1,000 college scholarship.

History of the Cherokee Rose

presented by Donna Whitfield on Monday, May 14 2018

The Georgia Mountains Master Gardeners are happy to announce that spring is finally here! It's hard to believe the past winter with its many cold spells culminating in late April. Even with some cold and windy days the Master Gardeners have been busy this spring with many activities including their annual fundraiser/plant sale held in conjunction with the Lumpkin County 4-H. GMMG wants to thank everyone who supported this major fundraising effort! In addition, the Master Gardeners have been involved with local clean-up and planting efforts to enhance the community. The Georgia Mountains Junior Master Gardener program at Lumpkin County Elementary School, known as the Diggin-It gardening club, is winding down for the year and will be recognized for completing their course on May 18th!

Dr. Donna Whitfield has a wonderful presentation on the history of the Cherokee Rose! You may have even read a past article written by her in this publication about our state flower as well as other topics!

Dr. Donna Whitfield was born and raised in Lumpkin County, and has been gardening all her life. Despite having a busy professional career here in Dahlonega, she became a Master Gardener in 2007 and found a connection with her medical background. She is fascinated by ethnobotany, which is the study of a region's plants and their practical uses through the traditional knowledge of a local culture and people, and has been researching several plants that have local roots. The Cherokee Rose is one of them, and her presentation will go into the details of the history of the plant and its connection to our local area.

Raised Bed Gardening

presented by Sandy Asbill on Monday, March 12 2018

GAMMG "Roots, the hidden half"

Mr. Sandy Asbill has been working in the organic area of agriculture for 45 years and seeks to educate people about the natural systems of nature. He will not only cover producing from raised beds, but will pass on his wealth of information about the intricacies of how plants grow and produce to include the importance of soil ingredients. He will teach us how roots prefer to uptake nutrients and as a result how to grow plants that not only produce more flowers and fruits but a better quality as well. To highlight his presentation we will learn that when you truly reach the preferred balance of nutrients in the growing medium, the pests will cease eating on our desirable plants and prefer the weeds nearby.


presented by Felicity O'Neal on Monday, November 13th, 2017

The rewards of gardening with daylilies can be immeasurable, as they can easily be considered an integral part of any perennial garden. Their multiple colors and color combinations, their hardy endurance of the Georgia summer's heat and their attraction for butterflies and humming birds are just a few of their winning assets.

Felicity O'Neal, originally from Harrogate, Yorkshire, England and member of the American Hemerocallis Society, along with Membership in the Daylily Society of Greater Atlanta, will be joining The Georgia Mountains Master Gardeners to present a program on daylilies and all their special qualities during their next program meeting. Felicity O'Neal's discussion will include a short history of daylilies, along with a couple of recipes, general information and planning and care for daylilies in the garden.

All About Blueberries

presented by Connie Monroe on Monday, July 10th, 2017

Whether you want to plant blueberry bushes for their delicious fruit or for their year round beauty in the garden or both, Master Gardener Connie Monroe has some excellent gardening tips and advice on growing and harvesting blueberries in North Georgia.

Connie has been a Master Gardener for eighteen years and is also a founding member of the Gold Diggers Garden Club. She and her husband Bob moved to Dahlonega twenty years ago, where they live on a 40 acre farm off Black Mountain Road. Growing blueberries became a project in 2007, when they started planting blueberries for their U-Pick business. Today they have approximately 200 plants within an acre of property. They also have a large vegetable garden and bee hives, and often sell items at the local Farmer's Market. Connie's expertise will help you with all the planting, pruning and fertilizing dilemmas you might come across when growing blueberries.

From Garden to Vase - Making a Cut Flower Garden

presented by Jan Pierce on Monday, May 8th, 2017 at 7:00pm

One of the lovely benefits of gardening can be the rewards of beautiful flowers in your landscape that can then be brought indoors to enjoy. Knowing what type of flowers to choose for this purpose can sometimes be a daunting process. Certified Landscape Designer Jan Pierce will join the Georgia Mountains Master Gardeners to teach us how to choose flowers with long-lasting blooms, where to place your cut flower garden, soil preparation, care, and maintenance, and when and how to cut flowers. This program is free of charge and open to the public.

Jan Pierce attended Gwinnett Technical College and graduated as a Certified Landscape Designer. She formed her landscaping business in 2006, which has developed into a "passion for helping others realize their dreams of having a garden refuge to come home to, away from their working environment".

Organic Gardening

presented by Andrew Linker on Monday, March 13, 2017 at 7:00pm

If you are already planning and preparing your spring garden and have hopes of using organic practices, the Georgia Mountains Master Gardeners will be hosting an informational program to help with your endeavors. Andrew Linker, the Director of the Georgia Mountains Farmers Network will be speaking at the March 13 meeting.

The Georgia Mountains Farmers Network is a group of local farmers seeking to share ideas and increase the impact of local foods in the region. Andrew Linker is also the Gainesville site manager for the Northeast Georgia Locally Grown, which is an on-line market for fresh, local and sustainable foods and products. He also works with the Brenau University Garden Society project in Gainesville through the Hall County Master Gardeners. With a degree in Environmental Studies, Mr. Linker digs into the research and can explain complex processes in a way that all growers can understand and apply to their own gardens.

Winter Birds

presented by Peter Gordon on Monday, November 14, 2016

Everyone enjoys the majestic beauty of our native birds and now is your chance to learn more about these beautiful creatures that surround us. Georgia Mountains Master Gardeners will be hosting the Director of the Elachee Nature Science Center, Peter Gordon, who will be presenting a wonderful, educational program on Georgia's winter birds.

The Elachee Nature Science Center in Gainesville, GA is Georgia's only museum or environmental education center that is accredited as a supplementary education school by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Peter Gordon joined Elachee's staff in 1992 and became Education Director in 1994. While at the Nature Center he has developed curriculum, designed exhibits, helped coordinate summer camps, teacher workshops, general public festivals and other programs for the Northeast Georgia community. He has also learned a lot about the animals and plants of northeast Georgia while on the job. As director, Mr. Gordon oversees all aspects of the educational programs; seeing about 35,000 students a year from school districts in the area. The nature center also receives calls about wild animals which they trouble-shoot throughout the year. Peter says he is recognized as the bird guy, the snake guy and any-kind-of-animal-interaction-that-could-happen-in-someone's-backyard kind of guy. The center receives hundreds of animal calls about baby birds and baby rabbits; it's a natural thing for us. ... "It's a good way for us to do a lot of on-the-ground education with someone right there on the phone, making it a very rewarding job."

Smithgall Woods, Hardman Farm and the Gardens Between

presented by William Wagner on Monday, September 12, 2016

The Georgia Mountains Master Gardeners are pleased to announce that Will Wagner, General Manager of the Dukes Creek Conservation Area, will present a program entitled 'Smithgall Woods, Hardman Farm and the Gardens Between'.

Mr. Wagner and his family moved to the Sautee Valley of North Georgia this past fall after managing Don Carter State Park in Clermont, working in the Nantahala Mountains of North Carolina and at Reynolds Nature Preserve and High Falls State Park as a Park Ranger. Mr. Wagner is excited to bring his family to this area and "looks forward to continuing to protect a beautiful wilderness park at Smithgall Woods."

We know that our local area is home to incredible vistas and resources, but Mr. Wagner's informative program will showcase an additional list of remarkable sites and services that include: birdwatching, photography, environmental education, hunting, fishing, hiking, enjoying Duke Creek Falls, along with an elegant mountain retreat, a fascinating Indian mound and historic 173 acre Hardman Farm. Mr. Wagner will also discuss the implementation of a new native azalea garden.

Here are some of our other programs we have really enjoyed:

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